Continents of the World

7 Continents of the World

A Continent is one of the large landmasses on Earth.The World contains on Seven Continents. There is no defined rules for the devision, but however this is a traditional way to divide the world the division of the continent are made on the base of geographical ratio, Custom and Usage ratio, Cultural ratio, etc.The names of the Continents are below.


  • Asia Continent
  • Africa Continent
  • Australia Continent
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe Continent
  • Antarctica

Each continent will be describe shortly;

Asia Continent:

This is the most largest Continent of the world,  It covers 30% of the land area. It is the most popular and having more population continent. The climate of this continent is normal, The most popular countries of Asia Continent are China, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Sri Lanka, lebnan, kazkistan etc.The below map show the Asia continent.The image show all Countries which are included in Asia Continent.

Africa Continent:

Africa is the second most greatest and populus country in the world, it covers 23% area of the earth. The countries which are included in Africa continent are mostly cold countries. The Africa continent is mostly contains forests, which are the big foresty  area of the world. Totaly there is 47 countries in Africa continent but the most popular countries are Lebya, Sodan, Angolia, Algeria, South Sudan, South Africa etc.

Australia Continent:

Australia continent is the normal continent of the world, it mostly contains the natural resources like Oceans, Rivers etc. The climate of this region is cold. The Australia continent contains only one country Australia. It is the sixth largest continent of the world. The map is below.



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