Peace Full Countries


Peace is the basic and Islamic right of any  human. Islam is derived from the root word “Salam” which literlay means Peace.  Peace is very essential for any person, Region,Nation, Country, State. Any religion did not give permission to create conflict in the society.

In the world there are also some countries which can be consider the most peace full and happiest countries. That type of countries are very progressive and developed. The nation of peace full countries are very happy and they do love with their Land. Following are the countries which are peace full countries.

1)  Island:


Island is the most and first no of peace full country in the world.  The ratio of males and females are equal. The most income of Island is tourism. That,s why the richest people visits the Island and enjoy a lot. The fishes of island is wonderful and tasty. The natural resources like manerals, oil, valuable stones etc are also available in Island. Island is the first European country who elect female President.

2) Denmark:

Denmark is the Second no Peace full and happiest country in the world. In Denmark there is gender equality and offers free health and education facilities. In government there is a great power of women. The literacy ratio in Denmark is 98%.

3) Austria:

Austria is also high and standard life style and can be count in the richest country of the world. The county has very strick  rules and regulation. The GOVT keeps the enviornment clean. The country offers a very best transportation system.

4) New Zealand:

New Zealand is the most Beautiful Place on Earth. New Zealand can be count on the most popular countries. This safe country provides the best and standard education and health to their publics.

5) Switzerland:

Switzerland is one of the beautiful and top notch country in the world, the country have low crime ratio and high education ratio. Switzerland can be beauty due to the natural beauty and resoures.

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