Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

Rich describes someone who wealthy. In the world there are many types of countries which are place in different categories, such as Normal, Below, Standard etc. In the world there are some countries which are very rich, some are progressive, and some are very below the normal life style.

1) Qatar:

Qatar is the most richest country in the world. Qatar list the top of owing oil industries which is consider the mainstay of Qatar economy.  Qatar have high GDP due to different fact in which oil comes in first. In Qatar there are great opportunities for foreign engineers and labours.

2) Luxemburg:

Luxemburg is the second richest country in the world. The most economy part is depends on Steel, which can be consider the mainstay of Luxemburg economy. The backbone of this strong country are Steel, Vibrant financial, frudent fiscalcl Policies and large industries.

3) Singapore:Singapore is the 3rd no richest country in the world. The main reason of Singapore,s wealth is its financial services sectors, chemical export industries, and liberal economic policies which encourage and motivate its nation. Singapore got,s 3rd position from the 5th in previous 5 years.

4) Kuwait:Kuwait is an Arabian country which is located on the Persian Gulf. Kuwait can be count on the top ten richest country due to oil. Oil is the main source of Kuwait.  In Kuwait, can be found opportunities for any type of work such as Labour, Engineer, Doctors etc.

5) Brunei:Brunei is the rich country which depends on natural gas and oil in a large quantity.




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